Why People Want To Be Vegans–$$$

In response to Mark Bittman’s new book VB6, and his recent television appearances promoting this piece of trash, Vegan Ranger was compelled to write this article.

Is the vegan lifestyle becoming mainstream?  Vegan Ranger would love that.  Every person that maintains a vegan lifestyle reduces suffering on this planet, and reducing suffering is Vegan Ranger’s main goal.  In addition, maintaining a vegan lifestyle is good for your health and good for the environment, as well as a step toward a better future for this planet.

The strangest thing is happening now, though.  Meat eaters are actually claiming they eat “Vegan.”  Vegans have been quite used to ridicule over the years, but now going vegan is becoming more popular and the number of people giving up animal products is on the rise.  People are switching for their own reasons, some of those reasons we’ve already mentioned.  Some are capitalizing, though, on the popularity of the vegan concept as they see dollars to be made, and we’re starting to see some of this capitalism that is disturbing and greedy.

Vegan Ranger is happy that people in the community are able to start businesses and make money selling vegan food, products, services, technology, ideas and anything else they can that promotes veganism.  It’s about time, really.

Others, though, we believe are a blight on the vegan ideal.  Mark Bittman is one of these disturbing individuals.  His new book, VB6, Vegan Before 6, we think would be more appropriately titled Eat Your Cruelty and Death After 6(Or Anytime, Really).  His recent appearances on HuffPost, The Today Show, and Dr. Oz (where he cooks his ham), promoting his book were a challenge for us here at Vegan Ranger to get through.  We feel most vegans would find his words and his attitude appalling.  Mark Bittman is just another omnivore who knows that eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing.  That’s it, that sums up his book in one short sentence so pass that on, tell your friends not to waste their money on that piece of trash.

Bittman’s plan is to catch a ride on the rising popularity of the vegan concept.  He sees dollars to be made on the idea, even though he has no idea of what it’s about, and no intention of even trying to eat a vegan diet.  Bittman isn’t even talking about eating a vegetarian diet.  He admits with a smile his intention to eat animals.  Vegan Ranger would like to see a concerted effort among the vegan community to expose the truth about Mark Bittman and his philosophy.  Please, if you’re a blogger, publish an article.  If you are on Twitter, tweet the truth about Bittman.  Post your opinion on Facebook.  Tell your friends and anyone who will listen, we don’t want to see Bittman make one dollar on this offensive trash.  –Vegan Ranger

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