Help A Chicken

Chickens are by far the most popular animal worldwide used for food.  Take a look at Vegan Ranger’s Animal Kill Counter and you’ll see the incredible numbers, roughly 1000 chickens per second killed for food.  Perhaps this is a good place to start focusing attention on how to reduce the suffering of this wonderful species.  Chickens are subject to some of the most cruel techniques used in the factory farming industry.  De-beaking done on baby chicks with no anesthetic, confining chickens to battery cages where they cannot move enough to open their wings to satisfy their basic instincts, and having no option but to live, walk, breathe and eat in their own waste.  Vegan Ranger is sure that there are people out there who, if they knew more about the cruelty and suffering chickens endure,  would choose not to participate in the suffering inflicted on these beautiful creatures.  We all have the power to choose to be on the side of humanity, let’s work to reduce suffering on this planet, we are all creatures of this world.

-Vegan Ranger

Photo ©Vegan Ranger

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