Cat Lady Will Make You Cry

Kitten 5147 needs a home!

Lynea Lattanzio, founder of The Cat House on the Kings recently featured on National Geographic, has created a cat sanctuary so beautiful and pure, it just may bring tears to your eyes.  Selfless, she has given over her home to her feline friends.  Vegan Ranger applauds Ms. Lattanzio for her committed service to animal welfare.  Please go to her website,, to see more about Ms. Lattanzio’s amazing cat sanctuary.  She has a video there that conveys the passion she feels about caring for these cats, don’t miss it.  She has also provided a link to National Geographic, where you can leave comments in support of their production of The Lady With 700 Cats.  Please donate to The Cat House On The Kings if you can.  -Vegan Ranger

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