Are Vegetarians Hypocritical?

Are vegetarians hypocritical?  Well, VR says yes if they eat animal products.  We’ve already offended self-proclaimed vegetarians just as we’ve been offended by those that claim to be vegies but still consume animal products.  Cruelty, death, anger, selfishness, and greed are all part of the vegetarian diet.  So what’s the motive?  It seems as though being vegetarian has become a fad.  Whether people call themselves vegetarian under pressure socially, or it’s their latest attempt at losing weight, the label doesn’t really fit if you still consume animal products.  The only source of cow’s milk we’ve found is a cow.  The only source of chicken eggs is chickens.  Though these animals can eat a vegetarian diet, eating their essence does not make a vegetarian.

“Vegetarian” as it is used today, means a person consumes some sort of animal product, whether it be eggs, cheese, chicken, fish, or occasional pig, goat, or cow.  The term has come to mean very little, we’ve even begun to see people say they eat “vegan” when they consume animal products.  Vegan Ranger’s article, Why People Want To Be Vegans–$$$ shows Mark Bittman using the vegan word when he explicitly explains that he does not eat vegan.  President Clinton claims he has switched to a Vegan diet, yet he explains that he eats fish weekly.

Vegan Ranger isn’t pointing out anything new, decades ago real vegetarians had to come up with a word to define themselves because of the increasing number of fake vegetarians.  Our only point being, there really isn’t any need for eating animal products, and certainly no need to eat animal products and call yourself a vegetarian.

Respect lives, don’t eat them.  -Vegan Ranger

Photo ©Vegan Ranger

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