America Certified Inhumane

The newest form of desensitization of cruelty towards animals is taking place by the organization called American Certified Humane. This sick marketing campaign aimed at desensitizing the American public doesn’t surprise Vegan Ranger one bit. It is just one more attempt by animal product producers to make people feel comfortable about their part in killing and death. Fortunately Vegan Ranger is here to give these desperate animals a voice by pointing out not only the hypocrisy but the blatant deception being practiced by this awful organization.

Foster Farms has television commercials advertising their “Humane” certification. Well, just take a look at Vegan Ranger’s Animal Kill Counter and you can see that Foster Farms is part of the thousands of chickens killed every SECOND to satisfy people’s appetites. This is big money for them and of course they will say anything to keep from having a bad reputation. Best Foods Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise is employing this marketing strategy as well. Vegan Ranger recognizes this brain washing of course won’t work on those who are already aware of the sick practices utilized by the meat and dairy industry, but how will the average consumer see this campaign ploy? It’s a trick to get the person who is standing in the grocery isle, trying to make a purchasing decision, to feel sympathy for those poor chickens in cages. Who cares about the welfare of those chickens that aren’t penned up in cages, they’ve got a great life, right?

–Vegan Ranger


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