Vegan Ranger’s Prediction Comes True, Posse Kills Wolf

Rene Anderson, Shane Richards’ hunting partner on the day Shane Richards took his dogs to their death, formed her own little posse accompanied by Shane and her husband Denny Anderson, to find and kill any wolf they could, to get back at wolves for killing Shane Richards’ dogs while Richards was using his dogs to attempt a bear kill.

Only days after Richards ventured into the wild and had his dogs killed, Rene Anderson admits to sounding an elk call in an area where she also admits that she would not expect to find an elk. She has clearly stated that she does not believe elk will be found anywhere there are signs of wolves, yet this is the area she set out with her gun, which she also admits she does not normally carry. Her accomplices, Shane Richards and her husband Denny Anderson admit to moving the wolf before authorities could get to the scene.

Having made no attempt to scare the animal away, and with doubt about where the wolf was actually located, she admits it was in timbers which would have made it extremely difficult for the wolf to maneuver, would have been the perfect area for her to draw her gun, aim, and fire at the wolf she lured in with her elk call.

Federal and state authorities should investigate this killing further, as the facts show other than the statements made by this woman and her accomplices.

Editor’s Note:  Just look at that smile, she’s one happy woman, do you think she’s happy she’s alive, or just happy she’s the one that made the kill?

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