Beaver Butt In Your Cookie

Vegan Ranger decided it was appropriate to reiterate the beaver anal stories of late 2013, so we’ll start with trying to set the scene. The complexities of maintaining a vegan lifestyle can be frustrating at times, to say the least. Whether one drives a car or rides a bike, owns or rents a home, or […]

Why People Want To Be Vegans–$$$

In response to Mark Bittman’s new book VB6, and his recent television appearances promoting this piece of trash, Vegan Ranger was compelled to write this article. Is the vegan lifestyle becoming mainstream?  Vegan Ranger would love that.  Every person that maintains a vegan lifestyle reduces suffering on this planet, and reducing suffering is Vegan Ranger’s […]

Meet Your Meat

Vegan Ranger has rescued this video from the archives and brought it back for the world to see.   This video is from over a decade ago and has been remade under the same name on numerous websites.

Vegan Ranger’s Favorite Spot

This is Vegan Ranger’s favorite spot.  This is where you find the stuff that motivates Vegan Ranger.  After all, it was rage that created The Vegan Ranger, so you will most likely find this area a little more angry.  Yes, Vegan Ranger does get pissed off and sharing that rage here is probably better than […]

What’s Wrong With Indiana

  This is the sickest thing Vegan Ranger has seen today.  Snapperfest?  What the hell is wrong with Indiana?  How is it that Ohio County can let this cruel organized event happen?

How Many More Must Die

Has anyone ever seen this?  We’d love to know where…thanks,Vegan Ranger.  Image ©Vegan Ranger