LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest

Check out the LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest this weekend, May 4.  The event is sold out but maybe you can find a way in there.  It’s sure to be a grand event.  Follow them on twitter for current chatter.

Try Seabirds

Vegan Ranger really doesn’t like to pump restaurants, there are enough sites out there that like to do that, but food is such a vital part of the vegan lifestyle that we reserve a small space and limited amount of time for the subject.  Featured on The Great Food Truck Race

Baking Tips From PETA

Vegan Ranger has been creating vegan meals for years, experimenting with different techniques and ingredients to come up with some delicious vegan food.  Well, PETA has put together a great page that can help those who are having a hard time figuring out how to make some basic vegan baked goods.

Vegan Restaurants Suck!

Yeah, Vegan Ranger just said it!  You know it’s true.  One great thing about being vegan is cheap food.  So Vegan Ranger has a hard time going out for over-priced vegan meals, and getting food that isn’t as good as home made.  For some reason, Mexicans are the only ones out there who can make […]

Wine And Beer Not Vegan?

Clarifiers are used in wine just as they are in beer.  They are not necessary, but are used to speed the clarifying process.  Contact your favorite winery and if possible speak with the vintner to get the truth, as much of the staff might not be aware.

Know What’s In Your Beer

Most beer out there unfortunately is not vegan.  By law, brewers do not have to list clarifiers, and most breweries use them.  Gelatin is a common clarifier due to the effectiveness of the product.  Clarifiers are not necessary and some brewers will not use them.  Vegan Ranger is compiling a list of vegan breweries and […]