Undercover To Expose Animal Cruelty

National Geographic and Mercy For Animals go undercover tonight, July 31at 10pm Eastern on NatGeo Channel to expose animal abuse and cruelty.


If you have not seen Earthlings, check it out and tell your meat-eating friends to watch with you.  Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby, Earthlings is the first full-length feature film on the subject of animal cruelty. 

Meet Your Meat

Vegan Ranger has rescued this video from the archives and brought it back for the world to see.   This video is from over a decade ago and has been remade under the same name on numerous websites.

Cat Lady Will Make You Cry

Lynea Lattanzio, founder of The Cat House on the Kings recently featured on National Geographic, has created a cat sanctuary so beautiful and pure, it just may bring tears to your eyes.  Selfless, she has given over her home to her feline friends.

Professor Pig from Bizarro.com

From the creative mind of Dan Piraro at bizarro.com.  Vegan Ranger likes this informative cartoon video.  Click on Vegan Professor Pig  to take you to The Vegan Ranger’s Youtube channel.  

Vegan Myths Debunked

Here’s a great video and awesome vegan song, Vegan Ranger loves this… click on Read More and then Vegan Myths Debunked to see the video.

Pamela Anderson Cruelty Doesn’t Fly

Pamela Anderson featured on peta.org.   Blonde bimbos aren’t really Vegan Ranger’s style, but Pamela Anderson puts herself out there as a vegan advocate in a way that no one else can