The Vegan Ranger became an identity and a means of expressing vegan ideals in Eugene, Oregon, circa 2000. Late night raids on the town, posting flyers expressing our disgust of cruelty and killing gave rise to the persona Vegan Ranger.  Veganranger.com was started to bring these ideas to a larger audience than The Vegan Ranger could attain by remaining local.  At veganranger.com you will find concepts that may push the boundaries of acceptance.  Vegan Ranger will post newsworthy pictures and video that advance the ideals of vegan living.  You will find political information, news pertinent to vegan living, where to find good food, clothing, art, and anything Vegan Ranger can share that contributes to the vegan lifestyle.
Some content may be graphic and disturbing. Unfortunately the world can be such, and we believe much of the suffering on this planet is due to the consumption of animals. Not surprisingly you will find an attitude on Vegan Ranger that expresses our abhorrence of cruelty and needless killing.
The Vegan lifestyle is quite enjoyable nonetheless, and we strive to balance the cruelty to which we are subjected daily, with the clear conscience we enjoy as vegans. People do great things every day and we try our best to point out these remarkable deeds. We do hope you enjoy our website or are disturbed by it.

Thanks for visiting!