Beaver Butt In Your Cookie

Vegan Ranger decided it was appropriate to reiterate the beaver anal stories of late 2013, so we’ll start with trying to set the scene. The complexities of maintaining a vegan lifestyle can be frustrating at times, to say the least. Whether one drives a car or rides a bike, owns or rents a home, or uses technology of any kind, animals are used and harmed in the manufacture of them all.

Undercover To Expose Animal Cruelty

National Geographic and Mercy For Animals go undercover tonight, July 31at 10pm Eastern on NatGeo Channel to expose animal abuse and cruelty.

Compassionate Trekker

Vegan Josh Garrett will be trekking the Pacific Crest Trail starting on June 10 to raise awareness and funds for the organization Mercy For Animals.

Are Vegetarians Hypocritical?

Are vegetarians hypocritical?  Well, VR says yes if they eat animal products.  We’ve already offended self-proclaimed vegetarians just as we’ve been offended by those that claim to be vegies but still consume animal products.

Why People Want To Be Vegans–$$$

In response to Mark Bittman’s new book VB6, and his recent television appearances promoting this piece of trash, Vegan Ranger was compelled to write this article.

Is the vegan lifestyle becoming mainstream?  Vegan Ranger would love that.  Every person that maintains a vegan lifestyle reduces suffering on this planet, and reducing suffering is Vegan Ranger’s main goal.

America Certified Inhumane

The newest form of desensitization of cruelty towards animals is taking place by the organization called American Certified Humane. This sick marketing campaign aimed at desensitizing the American public doesn’t surprise Vegan Ranger one bit. It is just one more attempt by animal product producers to make people feel comfortable about their part in killing and death.

Rethinking Organic Gardening

Vegan organic gardening has been in use for decades, but little organic produce purchased in US grocery stores is grown without the use of animal products.   Common organic fertilizers use blood from slaughtered animals as well as ground bones, feathers and excrement from factory raised animals.  These products may contain residual hormones and antibiotics, pesticides, parasites, and disease.  They are cheap by-products of cruel animal factory farming and have no place in the vegan lifestyle.  These products affect the foods vegans eat, likely without their knowledge.

Help A Chicken

Chickens are by far the most popular animal worldwide used for food.  Take a look at Vegan Ranger’s Animal Kill Counter and you’ll see the incredible numbers, roughly 1000 chickens per second killed for food.  Perhaps this is a good place to start focusing attention on how to reduce the suffering of this wonderful species.

Cat Lady Will Make You Cry

Kitten 5147 needs a home!

Lynea Lattanzio, founder of The Cat House on the Kings recently featured on National Geographic, has created a cat sanctuary so beautiful and pure, it just may bring tears to your eyes.  Selfless, she has given over her home to her feline friends.

Bill Clinton Gone Vegan!

President Bill Clinton thinking about his vegan lifestyle

Yes, Bill Clinton has gone vegan!  Remember all the SNL skits and jokes about him eating hamburgers and fries?  He’s adopted a healthier diet and talks about it with Sanjay Gupta on CNN

Pamela Anderson Cruelty Doesn’t Fly

Pamela Anderson featured on   Blonde bimbos aren’t really Vegan Ranger’s style, but Pamela Anderson puts herself out there as a vegan advocate in a way that no one else can

LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest

Check out the LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest this weekend, May 4.  The event is sold out but maybe you can find a way in there.  It’s sure to be a grand event.  Follow them on twitter for current chatter.

Vegan Ranger’s Prediction Comes True, Posse Kills Wolf

Rene Anderson, Shane Richards’ hunting partner on the day Shane Richards took his dogs to their death, formed her own little posse accompanied by Shane and her husband Denny Anderson, to find and kill any wolf they could, to get back at wolves for killing Shane Richards’ dogs while Richards was using his dogs to attempt a bear kill.